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Software Development

We develop software applications for business automation. We automate all kind of business/office tasks like interaction with client, preparing quotes, accepting orders, process management, task allocation to employee, reporting, PDF File generation, and Bar-Code Generation/Scanning etc.


Emailing/texting are basic components of all software pieces we develop so that interaction with client/vendors is easier. You can easily send/receive quotes/invoices/reports/notifications etc. We even develop marketing data crawlers.

Database Development

We use all versions of MS-Access and SQL-Server for database development. We develop enterprise level database systems having normalized database structures, high on performance, and robust on data integration.


We devlop ERP systems in MS-Access and SQL Server to automate all office tasks so that user has all tools at one place like Emailing/Fax/SMS, Multilevel detailed PDF Report generation/emailing, Saving/Scanning Documents, Smart-Tag based Data Parsing, Importing/Exporting Data to various formats, dealing with non-formatted text, Backup/Archive/Restore, scanning Signatures using Signature Pad, Bar-code Label Generation/Printing/Scanning, and Custom Reports.

Whatever a need may arise for business automation, We have prebuilt solution to offer, and that too with successful outcome.


We develop Business Application in all versions of MS-Access right from Access-2016 to Access-97. We have 18+ years of experince in crafting complex VBA code to produce simple business solutions. We do use .Net for hybrid projects.

SQL Server

We are into database development since 1997. We have used SQL Server 7 and are up to date to SQL Server 16. We use MS Access as database for small projects. We do use Oracle and My-SQL for some hybrid project.

Timely Delivey

We understand that time/resource management is a critical aspect of any project to make it a success. We have developed the working methodologies in such a way that we should be able to achieve utmost accuracy as well as precision.

Work Diligently

We either make or save money for our customers while eliminating pain points and headaches. Most of oour service delivery and people processes are derived out of industry's best practices.

"It was really a great experience working with Shashvat. Because of his thorough experience, he understood our rough requirements clearly and delivered us what we actually needed. "

"Caring developer. He puts his client first and understands his needs/pains. Shashvat went extra miles to satisfy my all kind of odd business needs. He actually has answer to all business problems."

"Shashvat understands business management and operations very well. He crafted my software piece in a quite nice way that our whole office staff appreciates. He made our life quite easy."


I design screens in such a way that user productivity is highest, key information is displayed on single screen for managers, and Reports/Forms GUI looks pleasing for users.

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