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MIS/ERP Development

SQL Server

We are involved into software development (especially to automate businesses) of client server based applications for more than 15 years. During the course of MIS Development, we have developed hundreds of mid-sized to large sized enterprise level client server architecture based applications. We have used MS Access/DotNet/ASP.Net as Frontend and SQL Server as backend. Majority of the applications are developed using SQL Server as Backend. We have even developed enterprise level applications using composite technologies, like MS Access VBA, ASP.Net, PHP, Web Services and SQL Server as backend.

Business Automation

Our major focus is on business automation. We know very well how to automate all the operations under a business and transform information into knowledge so that business person can take right decision at right time. Most of the applications developed by us are either plain management information systems or are responsible for enterprise resource planning. The ERP developed are complete in nature and have made the office a true paperless office in reality and guarantee big returns on investment. We can say with pride that we can automate any business of any size and any industry.

Modules Developed

We have developed many standard modules like client management, file management, configuration management, complete reporting system, PDF file generation, document scanning, label printing, bar code scanning, automated faxing, financial management, data export/import to Excel/Doc/XML etc. Our Access Programmers not only has thorough knowledge on Access Programming but also have business sense so as to develop right business solutions.

MS Access Specialists

Many people feel that MS Access is not a good choice for big size projects. But we want to state that we have explored the capabilities of MS Access in such a detail that we can develop solution for any sized business of any nature. Our Access Specialists have developed many enterprise level applications over it which is running like anything. We have overcome all kind of general problems reported by many developers in using Access for big businesses and which is what makes as MS Access Specialists. People usually talks about the limitation of Access like size of database, corruption of frontend, delivery of new releases/versions etc. but in reality these are not Access limitations but the programmerís limitations. We can develop an application at the speed of light, and all thanks goes to MS Access. Our Access Programmers does development at such a pace that makes people to think how we do it.

Using MS-Access as frintend, we have developed enterprise level standard LIMS (Product) taking care of all activities related to an Environmental/Industrial Testing Laboratory having employee base varying from 10 to 300 developed in MS-Access VBA, Asp.Net VB, and SQL Server. It in reality makes a lab a paperless office. This comes under the category of very large project, as front-end code is roughly 400 KLOC apart from GUI Design. It used technological hybrid model. It has backend in SQL server. Major part of the project is a Desktop based application which got developed in MS Access VBA. The CRM is a web based application and it is developed in ASP.Net using VB.

SQL Server Specialists

Our Access Programmers are highly qualified in high quality database development, database programming, and database designing using SQL Server. Access Developers at ARK Microsystems know full SQL Server Administration and also know fine-tuning, profiling and management of SQL Server. We mostly use SQL Server as database and around 80% of the applications use SQL Server as Database Server as it completely escalates the application performance. The knowledge of database development using SQL server is the key capability in providing success to development of big sized projects using MS Access as frontend technology. This combination is the key to success of all our project development using MS Access.

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