Simulate drag and drop in MS Access 2010

This article explain how to simulate drag and drop in MS Access 2010.In order to Implement drag and drop box in MS Access VBA coding is required.

This article is about to make a drag and drop functionality in Microsoft Access form. In the drop container we can drag any file, folder, shortcut etc. Basically the container stores the path of that particular file using hyperlink and of course we can open this file also. But this container store only one file at a time.Firstly we have to make a table and provide fields.As we saw for DropContect field we are choose hyperlink data type. Hyperlink data type makes it so that you can drag a file onto a textbox and it will automatically create a hyperlink to that file and Major advantage of choosing hyperlink data type is it does not depend on any DLL or ActiveX control.Details has been shown in Fig 1.1

Simulate drag and drop in MS Access 2010 Fig-1.1


Now take a blank from and insert a text box where we have to drop the files and bound this text box with DropConent field of table.Now the textbox is able to act as drag field as shown in Fig 1.2

Integrate Google map in MS access 2010 Fig-1.2


Now open the form in the form view.The container is able to handle the drag file and able to store the path of them using hyperlink.Details has been shown in Fig 1.3

Integrate Google map in MS access 2010 Fig-1.3



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