Hire Highly Professional Software Developer at Just $19 per Hour

In this competitive world, many geek ideas are not converting into reality because of the cost factor, as any software development project needs to be cost effective along with assurance of quality.

We have evolved a simple, practical and transparent costing model, which truly reduces down our client’s software development cost, provide variety of options to choose from, and Guarantee of Success.

Since, trust develops with passage of time, client can opt for smaller plan initially and can go for larger plan afterwards.

Zero Tax on Exports

Indian Governments has kept exports as zero rated supply. So if you hire an Indian Software professional, you not only get quality services at low rates, but those too are tax free. To avail this facility, you should be located outside India and you should not be making payment in Indian Rupee.


All plans suggested below allow you to have as many breaks as required. All plans expect 100% advance.


  • Price: $1900
  • Effective Rate: $19/HR.


  • Price: $840
  • Effective Rate: $21/HR.


  • Price: $184
  • Effective Rate: $23/HR.


  • Price: $50
  • Effective Rate: $25/HR.